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IP Address: | Port: 7171 | Client: Telania 10.96
- We have fixed attacks of: bonebeast, tarantula, ghoul, orc shaman, dark apprentice, warlock.

- We have fixed a spawn in Yalahar Necro Tower (there were Heroes instead of Necromancers).
- We have fixed spawns in undergrounds on Alchemist Quarter in Yalahar.

- We have removed healing creatures with exura gran mas res.
- We have fixed putting some of the items on the market.

Posted by team.

We would like to thank you all for successful start of Telania! We had a few minor problems and a lot of DDoS attacks on the server but we managed to keep the server going and they weren't interrupting the gameplay too much. Thank you for coming! We are constantly working to eliminate any issues - even the smallest ones. Below you can see the list of reported by you and fixed bugs:

- We have added a missing floor in tarantula cave in Port Hope.
- We have added missing Ice Golem spawns in Svargrond mountains.
- We have added missing spawns in Magician Quarter (mostly dark apprentice).

- We have added missing NPC Baltim.
- We have added possiblity of selling Ice Cubes to NPC Miraia and NPC Arito.
- We have fixed the price for selling Steel Helmets to NPC Esrik from 190 to 293.

- We have fixed attacks of Garygoyles which were too strong in the beginning.
- We have fixed loot of Centipede, Gazer and Mamma Longlegs.
- We have fixed attacks and healing of Warlocks.

- We have offline training which was using more mana than intended for characters without promotion.
- We have fixed a bug with Desert Quest (it didn't require items to get teleported).
- We have fixed range of Royal Spears (from 5 to 3 sqm).

Posted by team.

On 23rd July at 12:00 CEST the creators of Hexera and Hexana would like to invite you to play on our newest server -! Telania will be our first server with so low exp-stage, decreased lootrate and with modest shop offer.
In other words - the server will be much more difficult than Hexera.

What do we offer? High quality known from Hexera which includes:
- Full real map 10.96 including new hunting grounds (The Otherworld).
- Retro PVP.
- All major Tibia quests mapped in 100% (including Ferumbras Ascendant Quest and in near future - Heart of Destruction Quest).
- All available AI bosses.
- Stable server without crashes and rollbacks!
- Anti-kick system. In case you lose connection you will be more likely to survive!
- Modest shop
- Active and constantly working administration (Hexera will soon have it's 100th update!).

Below we are presenting you detailed server informations.

Exp Rate:
Level 1-25: 25x
Level 26-50: 20x
Level 51-75: 15x
Level 76-100: 10x
Level 101-125: 7x
Level 126-140: 4x
Level 141-160: 3x
Level 161-180: 2x
Level 181+: 1.5x

Skill rate: 5x
Magic level rate: 4x
Loot rate: 1.8x
Client: 10.96

Client and Shop will be available within 24 hours.

Posted by team.

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